Quality leads to success

The ‘one step beyond’ principle

Increasingly opportunities for success have to be unearthed and then worked on. Market research is the first step towards the product improvement, a new usage pattern, a change of attitude. The first step towards the competitive advantage. Market research provides the clear-sighted vision of consumers, markets, products and the factors that create change, and enables you to develop real, relevant and successful marketing solutions. 


Quality standards

P:RR is a member of the Market Research Society, which sets down stringent guidelines for the practice and procedures of market research. Our staff are all members of the Market Research Society and all our field supervisors and interviewers are MRS-registered.


Our techniques

We employ SPSS, the most up-to-date analysis software in the market-place allowing us to carry out the full range of research applications, from simple analysis to multi-variable techniques. 

We have a field sales force that covers all areas of the UK, in both large cities and small towns; ten supervisors allocate projects and check the work output. 


Our clients

Our clients are Blue Chip in both consumer and business-to-business sectors. 

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